Rigu now processes credit cards via stripe and is more secure than ever!

Rigu likes PayPal, they’re a payment provider that deal with millions of transactions every day, and some of those transactions come through Rigu. That said, one of the top complaints/suggestions that I receive is from people that would like to see options other than PayPal when placing an order on Rigu, people that want to order directly with their credit card.

Today, thanks to the innovative payment processor Stripe that is now an option at Rigu, it’s something that I’ve been trying to achieve for a few months, and I will be hopefully adding other options in the future. Stripe have only just launched in the UK and Rigu is proud to be one of the first companies using their system. Currently in the UK stripe accept payments from MasterCard and Visa cards, with American Express being added soon.

Taking payments directly on the site also represents a challenge in terms of protecting your data. Rigu will not see your credit card number, I don’t want to have that information, but when you type in your card digits on Rigu that means we do pass that information on to Stripe, and so we have had to put in extra security measures to protect you (and us) from hackers. This is completely non-intrusive and will not effect the way that you use the site, so it’s just like before, but safer!