Camera Straps New Products Restocks

New iMo straps available now

The range of cotton and neoprene DSLR camera straps available from iMo has expanded with a recent delivery of stock. This takes the range of straps available from this fun Hong Kong based design company to 30, with a wide range of patterns and styles available.

As always with iMo, you get comfort and style with a strap that is strong enough to carry any camera setup. Each strap has been tested to carry more than 40kg, and I think you’ll agree that if you camera body and lens weigh more than 40kg, you’re probably not going to wear it around your neck or on your shoulder.

funky skull imo camera strap

I swap around my camera straps quite a lot as I like to test out a few different items from the site, but I do frequently return to the neoprene backed straps from iMo as they’re so comfortable. Having the quick release integrated into the strap is also really convenient if you’re out with your tripod doing some long exposures and don’t want the strap in the way or flapping around in the wind.

Rigu is the only seller of iMo products in the UK, making it the quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to buy one of their colourful and fun straps. Check out the range here.

Camera Straps New Products Restocks

Simplr F1 Ultralight Camera Strap available now (+ restocks!)

I recently received a box of camera straps from Simplr, restocking their range to make all their models available again at Rigu.

In the box was a new item, the F1 Ultralight. Simplr’s straps tend to be pretty minimalist already, but this one takes it to the next level. Here’s what JP from Simplr has to say about it:

If the F1 had a mutant superhero baby, it would be the F1ultralight.

Combine the F1’s expedition-grade construction, quick-adjustment tab, and streamlined design — with even more breathtaking lightness and slimmer proportions — and you’ve got the featherweight champion of camera straps.

With durable 3/4″ wide webbing and tiny-but-tough acetal hardware, the F1ultralight is strong where it counts. More importantly, it’s small where counts — especially near your hand where it matters most. With zero extra bulk, and sleek lug mount attachment, it’s about as close as you can get to holding a naked camera.

As the smallest cameras inherit the capabilities of their larger brethren (like the Fujifilm X100 and Sony RX1R series), so too should your camera strap — and that’s exactly what Simplr did with the F1ultralight.

Rigu is the only distributor of Simplr straps outside the USA, allowing British and European photographers to get their high-quality straps much quicker, and at a lower price than importing them direct from the US.


Fractal Filters Restocked

They weren’t even close to selling out, but their shelf in the stock room was starting to look a little light, so I got a few dozen more sets in of these creative prism photography filters. Want to see the Fractal Filters in action? I’ve written a couple of articles about using them in very different ways, for dreamy portraits, and in the neon jungle of Tokyo.

Rigu is the only place outside the US that you can order Fractal Filters. For UK customers this means getting them faster and cheaper than from the US, and the same goes for the EU too, though the difference is slightly reduced (it costs quite a bit to post them to Europe!).

Camera Straps Restocks

Simplr Camera Straps Restocked

A couple of days after lockdown began (and I stopped going to the office, leaving my brother to fulfill orders whilst I dealt with the admin from home) a box arrived from the USA full of Simplr Camera Straps.

Getting fresh stock in is great, except Simplr don’t label their straps. It would have been unfair to expect Neil to learn the differences between their models, or to label them up himself, so we decided to leave it for a while and the box sat unopened, and unavailable to customers.

That while ended earlier this week when I went in my office for the first time in… 7(?) weeks, sorted out the labels, prepped the straps, and then wiped down every surface I’d touched with antibacterial cloths so that I couldn’t risk infecting my brother.

Every item of theirs that’s listed in the shop is available again now. If you need a simple, lightweight, minimal, practical, and functional camera strap, Simplr is the right option for you.

New Products Restocks

HoldFast MoneyMaker restocked

Earlier this week I received a big, heavy box from HoldFast Gear. I was able to restock just about everything that needed it, taking the quantity of MoneyMakers (original, skinny, and solo) in the stock room to over 150. Compared to when Rigu started out that’s fairly incredible, and hopefully this level of stock will see us safely through the start of wedding season without items going out of stock.

A new item was also added to the lineup. The brass version of the new quiet HoldFast clip is now available in the shop.

Camera Straps Restocks

LunaViz DSLR camera straps restocked

Almost the whole range of LunaViz camera straps have been restocked this week, which was well needed as many of their straps had been sold out for far too long.

Camera Bags Restocks

Padded Camera Bag inserts back in stock

After selling out very quickly I have been able to get hold of a few more of the new padded camera bag inserts whilst I wait for a larger order to arrive. Pick yours up now!

Camera Straps New Products Restocks

Big restock on iMo straps & three new styles

Today saw the biggest ever restock of iMo camera straps in Rigu’s history, which, admittedly, is now that interesting for readers like you, but it does mark the onward progress of Rigu bolstering the stock levels and reviving previously out of stock items.

In the shipment from iMo there was also three new styles of strap that you can see above, different colourways of previously available designs to give you yet another option to consider for your camera.

Camera Straps New Products Restocks

Two new !mo camera straps in store and a full-range restock

Yesterday we had a big restock on the lovely straps from !mo, and added a couple of new styles to the store.

The braided cotton camera strap is a first for !mo and it feels really nice, yours for £15.99 with free UK shipping.

The leaf patterned DSLR camera strap has also been added to the store, with a neoprene backing to make wearing your camera more comfortable. This one is £16.99, again with free shipping in the UK.

Camera Bags Restocks

Large dark blue and artificial leather camera bags restocked.

A big heavy box arrived at Rigu HQ this morning containing some restocks and also bags that aren’t on the site yet (new products coming up soon!). The artificial leather bag wasn’t out of stock (pretty close though), but the dark blue bag had been out for a couple of weeks. They’re both big enough to take a body and a couple of lenses with pockets for the rest of the accessories you need when out for a days shooting.

Dark Blue Canvas & Artificial Leather DSLR Camera Bag – Large
Brown Artificial Leather Satchel DSLR bag – Large