Rigu is still open, but a bit different

scout scar view, kendal, cumbria

There’s been quite a lot of changes in the world recently due to the coronavirus, and that has also affected Rigu. At times like this I understand that camera straps aren’t most people’s top priority, but the shop does remain open and ready to send out orders.

I (Andy) am working from home, but Neil, my brother who usually takes over whilst I’m working away from Cumbria or on holiday, will be sending out orders for me. My office and stock room is based where he lives and works normally, so this doesn’t create unnecessary travel or connections with other people beyond the norm. We have also discussed measures to help protect the Royal Mail when visiting the office to ensure that contact is kept to an absolute minimum as they are at fairly high risk in terms of spreading COVID-19. There is the possibility that the Royal Mail will stop their collections to the office, which would be an understandable situation, and at that point the only option would be to stop orders.

As is the case at other times when he’s been in charge, there are no personalised straps available at the moment. Neil has seen the burns the stamping machine has given me on occasion (thankfully a rare experience now that I’m used to the machine) and isn’t keen to learn how to use it in my absence.

Other than that, Rigu will continue mostly as normal. The nature of ecommerce is that some of it can be done remotely, if not with the same efficiency (I can only do so much on a laptop compared to my desktop). To be frank being able to keep working on Rigu is something that will hopefully provide an aspect of normalcy in strange times, and I’m sure my partner will appreciate me keeping busy whilst we’re staying home.