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Simplr F1 Ultralight Camera Strap available now (+ restocks!)

I recently received a box of camera straps from Simplr, restocking their range to make all their models available again at Rigu.

In the box was a new item, the F1 Ultralight. Simplr’s straps tend to be pretty minimalist already, but this one takes it to the next level. Here’s what JP from Simplr has to say about it:

If the F1 had a mutant superhero baby, it would be the F1ultralight.

Combine the F1’s expedition-grade construction, quick-adjustment tab, and streamlined design — with even more breathtaking lightness and slimmer proportions — and you’ve got the featherweight champion of camera straps.

With durable 3/4″ wide webbing and tiny-but-tough acetal hardware, the F1ultralight is strong where it counts. More importantly, it’s small where counts — especially near your hand where it matters most. With zero extra bulk, and sleek lug mount attachment, it’s about as close as you can get to holding a naked camera.

As the smallest cameras inherit the capabilities of their larger brethren (like the Fujifilm X100 and Sony RX1R series), so too should your camera strap — and that’s exactly what Simplr did with the F1ultralight.

Rigu is the only distributor of Simplr straps outside the USA, allowing British and European photographers to get their high-quality straps much quicker, and at a lower price than importing them direct from the US.


Fractal Filters Restocked

They weren’t even close to selling out, but their shelf in the stock room was starting to look a little light, so I got a few dozen more sets in of these creative prism photography filters. Want to see the Fractal Filters in action? I’ve written a couple of articles about using them in very different ways, for dreamy portraits, and in the neon jungle of Tokyo.

Rigu is the only place outside the US that you can order Fractal Filters. For UK customers this means getting them faster and cheaper than from the US, and the same goes for the EU too, though the difference is slightly reduced (it costs quite a bit to post them to Europe!).

Camera Straps Restocks

!mo colourful camera straps get restocked

Time for another restock recap, this time for the colourful camera straps from !mo (pronounced ‘eye-mo’, probably). Just because they’re colourful doesn’t mean they’re practical, with the cotton tape straps being tested to carry 180lbs, and the neoprene straps testing to an impressive 120lbs (their quick-change mechanism being the reason for the slight drop in strength). 11 of Rigu‘s range of !mo camera straps have been restocked today including three which were previously sold out. As usual the cotton tape straps are £14.99 with UK postage including (though you can upgrade to 1st class and recorded postage if you wish) and £16.99 for the neoprene-backed straps, again with shipping including for Brits.

Neoprene backed DSLR camera strap by !mo – Orange Wheel

Neoprene backed DSLR camera strap by !mo – Oceanic Plant

Neoprene backed DSLR camera strap by !mo – Black & White

Neoprene backed DSLR camera strap by !mo – Black Romance

Neoprene backed DSLR camera strap by !mo – Cheerful

Cotton DSLR camera strap by !mo – Little Hearts (Pink)
Neoprene backed DSLR camera strap by !mo – Rain Drops (Dark Green)

Cotton DSLR camera strap by !mo – Coffee Heart

Cotton DSLR camera strap by !mo – The Happy Prince

Cotton DSLR camera strap by !mo – Yellow Sweetie

Cotton DSLR camera strap by !mo – Pasture