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HoldFast Gear Accessories Volume Discounts

Rigu offers free delivery on all orders. Most people like this because of the simple “what you see is what you pay” pricing, but sometimes it can be slightly problematic.

When people order a HoldFast Gear accessory clip for their MoneyMaker (because they want a spare, or perhaps they’ve lost one) the cost of postage is included in that price. However, if they order more than one, the cost of postage doesn’t go up since it’s a light item, so effectively they’re paying for postage more than once.

Most companies would probably think this is great (money for nothing, yay!) but that’s not how I do business, and I don’t feel that it is fair to the customer.

With that in mind, I’ve brought about a new pricing structure for HoldFast accessories, which are typically products that people buy a pair of; the tripod screws, sliders, safety lanyards, camera leashes, and belt anchors. When buying two or more of each product the unit price will automatically be reduced by £2.25, giving an overall discount of £4.50 when buying two.

This currently only works when buying two of the same item (e.g. two camera leashes, not one leash and one belt anchor), as cross-product discounts are significantly more complicated, but I am looking into it for the future.