B-Grade & Clearance Discounts for February

I have been going through the inventory and have added to the clearance section to make space for new stock. I’ve found that best way to entice people into a purchase is by slashing prices to a level that any other company would find unreasonable. If Rigu had an accounts department, they would have probably mutinied by now.

Many of these items are being sold at cost or below. Please bear in mind that the tracked delivery service that Rigu uses for “free” delivery costs around £4, so in some cases you’re only paying £1 for the item. That’s how good these deals are, how genuine I am about just wanting to make space in my stock room, and also how much I’d just like to see people using products that I think are good but just haven’t sold well for whatever reason.

This is something that I’m planning to do in the start of each month. Releases price cuts on clearance items in one large swathe rather than slowly across the month. There will times when a new b-grade item gets added on it’s own as I come across them in the stock room, so do keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for those updates, as well as other interesting content like photo tutorials and articles.

EasyCover Lens Rim Protectors

Easycover lens rim protection

There’s a couple of these left, for lenses with 52mm front threads, and 58mm threads. I can’t remember what they were originally, but they had previously been reduced to £7.99, and are now down to £4.99. They’re useful if you do quite a lot of action photography, or are just plain clumsy.

B-Grade Black Leather DSLR Strap

CAM2246 Black leather DSLR camera strap

That’s meant to be a smooth leather camera strap, but as you can see there’s a bit of rippling to the black leather on this DSLR camera strap. That’s all that’s wrong with it. Still carries your comfortably and stylishly, it’s just not as it should be so I won’t let it go for anything like full price. This strap is usually £28.99, but this B-grade camera strap is just £14.99.

Large Skinny HoldFast Gear MoneyMaker (Tan Water Buffalo Leather)

I had to swap out some shoulder pads on a skinny MoneyMaker for a customer, which left me with a large Skinny Water Buffalo Tan Leather MoneyMaker without shoulder pads on it. Usually it’s a £249.99 item, but I’ve reduced this one to £149.99. To be honest, that’s far too low of a price, no one could reasonably think that the shoulder pads are worth £100, but I know they’re an important part of the harness so I’m overcompensating. Hopefully someone will buy it soon as I’m tempted to just keep it for myself.

Will the harness still be comfortable without them? Yes. It’s important to remember that they are user-removable by design, and that some photographers won’t use them anyway. You’ll be missing out on a little bit of width on the shoulder to help spread the weight of your gear, but it’s still as wide or wider than most normal camera straps. It should be comfortable and you’ll still be benefiting from the cross over of leather on your back helping to relieve you of some weight strain.

Large Burgundy HoldFast Gear MoneyMaker

On the buckle on the right side as we’re looking at it on the product photo above, one of the adjustment holes isn’t quite right, meaning that the metal nub at the top side of the buckle (that usually fits securely into the hole) is loose. The other two are still good and tight so the buckle remains very secure and I personally would trust it with my gear.

As a workaround so that all three points of contact are secure, I simply re-adjusted the strap so that the part that is usually on the underside was now on top (as seen in the second photo, on the side closer to the camera). This works perfectly and is just as secure as any other MoneyMaker. It is a slightly different look, but overall it’s a minimal change and something you will not notice when using the harness.

This is a small issue, but it still warrants a discount in my opinion, so I have reduced the price of this large burgundy water buffalo MoneyMaker to £224.99.

95cm Blue Woven Cotton Rope Camera Strap with Ring Connection

CAM1318 Blue camera strap rope

How much is a box worth to you? If you’re giving a camera strap as a gift, probably quite highly. If you are just getting it for yourself, then after you’ve opened it that little black box will probably go straight into your recycling.

I have one of these blue cotton rope camera straps that are popular with Fuji X photographers that has no box (it was a display item when I had a small stand at a camera club for an evening). Usually it would be £17.99, but this one is just £9.99 and it is completely clean and brand new.

Cotton DSLR camera strap by !mo – Little Hearts (Pink)

!mo imo pink hearts camera strap

This canvas DSLR camera strap was originally £24.99, it’s now down to £7.99. Why? No packaging.

These imo straps are very strong and durable (they have been tested to 75kg without breaking), but with an additional piece of soft fabric stitched onto the strap where your neck will be for additional comfort.

Cam-in XL range ring connection leather camera straps

Cam-in XL camera straps

I’ve always been fond of the Cam-in XL camera strap range, but they have performed poorly on the site. Perhaps this is because everyone in the world except Cam-in think of XL as meaning “extra large” when they just meant that it was a limited edition release.

They are a lovely range of straps though, the two-tone leather is a bit different to the norm and they’re very nicely finished. They were a good deal at £24.99 and they’re a better deal at £19.99.

Padded Pouch for Mirrorless Cameras by Vlashor

Vlashor flower pattern camera bag insert

If you’re looking for a pouch to protect your small DSLR or mirrorless camera, then this camera bag insert from Vlashor is a good option. It had been reduced to £8.99 previously from something like £20 (I can’t remember the original price), but to give you a nudge in the right direction (aka the checkout) I’ve taken this down to £5.99.

Brown Leather DSLR Camera Strap

CAM2245 DSLR Camera Strap Brown Leather

This is actually Rigu’s most popular camera strap ever. Well, not this particular one, but the normal version is. Every so often the tanning process doesn’t work out perfectly and I receive a strap with some blotchy colouring, and this is one of those cases.

The funny thing is, well, funny to someone that spends all day looking at and selling camera straps, is that within a few months this strap will look like the rest because they change colour slightly and gain their own patina through being used, worn and getting a little dirty.

Normally they’re priced at £28.99 each, but this b-grade bargain is down to £19.99, and it’s still possible to have it personalised with a name or message on the camera strap.

Hayden Backpacks by Ideer

I’ve got to put my hands up and admit that stocking these backpacks was a mistake. I thought that as people liked Ideer’s other bags, they’d be interested in a backpack that wasn’t a dedicated camera backpack, and instead a normal backpack that was intended to be paired with a camera bag insert. I was wrong, and that’s probably because there are thousands of other backpacks out there, so it’s hard for people to be interested in getting one from Rigu when the range is small.

They are still nice bags though, my partner uses one of their backpacks for her commute to work and gets plenty of compliments on it. Originally £44.99, they are now available in pink or soda blue for £6.99 each. As you’d imagine, I’m taking a pretty heavy loss on these at that price (postage costs me more than £4, remember?), but I’d rather someone was using them than they were sitting in the stock room.