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Sightseer Lens Pouches from HoldFast available in the UK (and quiet tripod screws too)

If you’re looking for a really nice, high-end lens pouch you’d be surprised just how few options there are out there. I don’t just mean in the UK, I mean anywhere in the world.

I have generally tried to avoid stocking the bags and pouches from HoldFast Gear. This is because I don’t want Rigu to be a camera bag shop. There are already plenty of those, and it’s hard for a shop the size of mine to compete in any meaningful way, even when I do find interesting bags that no one else in Europe stocks.

However, Rigu is the UKs main HoldFast Gear distributor, and if people keep asking me for things, eventually it just makes sense to stock them. With the lens pouches above (medium-wide black, medium olive) I had ordered them as one-offs for people when placing my regular stock orders for the MoneyMakers and other accessories, but decided to make them a more permanent fixture in the shop to save people from having to wait up to a month to receive the item. They’re only being stocked in limited quantities at the moment, but if there is demand then I’ll up the stocks as necessary.

Similarly, a couple of people asked me if I could get them a pair of the new quiet accessory clips for their MoneyMaker (the part that attaches via your cameras tripod screw thread to the MoneyMaker slider), so I did, and got a few more in so that they could be a regular shop item.

Rigu is able to special order anything from HoldFast Gear if it isn’t currently in the shop. The lead time is generally around one month, but the price is also usually quite a lot lower than if you were to order direct from the US yourself, so there is a price vs. speed comparison that you need to consider before deciding what is right for you.